Nur Shipping ; Agency

If you have a good agent, you have an advantage at every port.

Agency Services

Founded in 2006, Nur Shipping , which serves as a ship rental and agent, handles about 2,500,000 tons of iron and steel cargo per year, taking on the role of operator in transporting all export and import cargoes of the Group. It also brokers ships and cargoes owned, operated and owned by third parties.
Nur Shipping , which provides port and strait agency to ships using all Turkish ports and Straits, primarily Martaş Port, also brokers ships and cargo owned, operated and owned by the group and owned by third parties.


Port Agency
Bosphorus Transit Agency
Transmission of the captain's advance
Customs clearance of spare parts in transit
Delivery to the ship
Refueling of fuel, oil, fresh water
Personnel change
Delivery of mail, courier packages to the ship
Medical support for ship's personnel
Repair and technical service
Protective Agency Services
Personnel change
Airport transfer services