Iron and Steel

Our Information Security Management Policy


As KAPTAN our objective is,

to benefit from the technological developments of our era in the highest possible way and to carry out all our actions and employee processes specific to the company, which are required to be conducted in line with the applicable legislations and regulations, in cooperation with internal and external stakeholders in a systematic structure in which we are sure of their accessibility, safety and integrity.
We plan to store all the digital or written information of the company in a duly manner, prevent the possible information security risks that may occur by diligently calculating them, create awareness for internal and/or external stakeholders by highlighting continuous education, adapt storing private information set out by law in a proper manner as a value and take precautions accordingly. We will make the required effort and pay special attention for all our employees and managers to act in this way.
To that end; WE UNDERTAKE to fulfill the requirements of Information Security Standards, act in compliance with all applicable legislation in relation to Information Security, to identify the risks towards information assets and manage such risks in a systematic manner, review and improve Information Security Management System at all times, conduct trainings that will improve the technical and behavioral competencies to increase awareness for Information Security.

Chairman of The Board of Directors