Iron and Steel


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Rolling Mill Mechanical Testing Laboratory

Yield-tensile strength, elongation and mechanical values of construction steel produced with Instron (1500KN capacity 8-50mm) and Zwick/Roell (2000KN capacity 8-50mm) tensile tester are determined.

The angle, height, Decibel distance, rib pitch, wick height and width of the construction steel are measured with the computer-aided Rib Geometry Determination device.

Bending and ReBending tests are performed with Bending devices.

The microstructure of our products is examined with metallography devices.

Chemical Laboratory

Of the additives used in the production of steel, coal, lime, flushpat, etc. its quality is determined by carrying out analyzes, and chemical element analyzes are carried out at all stages of production.

OE Spectral Analysis Laboratory

Chemical element analysis of liquid steel, semi-finished and finished products is carried out with ARL3460, ARL4460 spectrometer devices.

With the TCH600 Leco device, the hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen values in the steel are determined and chemical element analyses are performed at every stage of production.