Iron and Steel

Main Equipments

Production of iron steel of the desired size and quality up to 18 meters.

Arc Furnace

SMS-DEMAG made by high power electric arc furnace, water-cooled body panels, oxy-fuel burners, oxygen and carbon injected robot, DPP bottom gas purging system, automatic feed and import a dump on the bottom ferro alyaj EBT system equipped with a capacity of 120 MVA transformer with a modern stove with a capacity of 125 tonnes.

Continuous Casting Machine

Made by CONCAST 6-way electromagnetic stirrer (EMS) automatic mould level control system, automatic level control system tundish, casting a closed application, with flying tundish nozzle system, speed-dependent self-controlled cooling system, and a walking-based platform, which is equipped with cooling liquid steel in a continuous casting machine, 100-200 mm square cross-section producing billets is performed. Logs are cut from 6 meters with oxygen cutting system, it can be cut to the desired length of up to 15 meters.

Crucible Furnace

The ability to work in a narrow chemical composition range, precise temperature and chemical composition optimization, temperature homogeneous distribution, artificial slag application and gas blowing from the bottom applied in our ladle furnace, made by SMS-DEMAG, with a transformer of 18 MVA, ensures the production of clean steel with its residues removed. Steel quality modification is provided by the application of CaSi wire feeding system.